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About Stock 4 Today

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The recommendations that are made at Stock 4 Today result from Stock Chartyears of research using many different forms of stock market analysis. During the development of the computer applications that are used to produce these recommendations we have constructed several models that analyze overall market conditions as well as individual stocks.  These models detect both short term and long term price and volume cycles.  These cycles are then used to produce trend lines that project these cycles into the future.

We maintain a diversified "stable" of over 5100 stock issues. These stocks cover:

  • Large cap stocks
  • Small cap stocks
  • Blue chip stocks
  • International stocks

Our selections span all sectors on the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ including:

  • Energy
  • Biotechnology & drugs
  • Technology
  • Consumer (cyclical and non-cyclical)
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Financial
  • Conglomerates
  • Capital goods
  • ... more ...

Each of these issues is updated with current data after the close of the markets each day to keep it continually refreshed.

Our computer models use a blend of fundamental and technical analysis. We have perfected models that operate on the following premise:

"Stocks that have behaved in the past the way these stocks are behaving now have appreciated in price."

These are the stocks that we recommend. We continue to monitor the behavior of these stocks so that when it is apparent that the conditions that resulted in a buy recommendation no longer exist, we can issue a sell recommendation.

The period of time between a buy recommendation and a subsequent sell recommendation will vary with individual stocks as well as being influenced by the overall movement of the markets themselves. Normally this will be about 12 to 15 days although they can be much shorter or longer. The shorter periods usually result from an issue that fails to perform as expected and generates an early sell recommendation.

We believe that there is no good reason to sell an issue that is still performing and no good reason to hold an issue that is not performing. This results in a hold recommendation on all current issues that continue to perform and a sell recommendation when the issue begins to reverse.

Do we ever lose because an issue fails to perform as expected? Yes! When that happens we get you out of the issue to minimize your loss!

Do we always buy at the low and sell at the high? No! We do it from time to time but our objective is to get our subscribers into issues that are performing and out of these issues when they begin to weaken.

Do we offer recommendations that will outperform the overall market and result in profitable trades? Yes!

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