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How does the Stock Market Work?

The average stock trader is a loser.  Unless you want to lose you can't afford to be average.

Learn the answer to the 3 most important questions for successful trades:

  • What stocks to buy?
  • When to buy them?
  • When to sell them?

Novice traders have a 95% failure rate.  When they fail, they chalk it up to bad luck.  Luck has no place in a well thought out approach to investing in the stock market.

Successful traders don't care whether the stock market is rising or falling.  In fact, the panic associated with a falling market and the greed associated with a rising market cause many investors to behave in very predictable patterns.  When we learn to recognize these patterns, we can take advantage of both a rising and falling stock market.

One of the most valuable "skills" to a successful stock market investor is knowing when to get out of a position.  In fact it could be said that knowing when to sell may be more important than knowing when to buy.

When you are trading in the stock market, volatility is essential to your success.  You can make money on an upturn or downturn in the market, you only need volatility.

One misconception shared by novice traders is that there are unknown entities controlling prices and making money on the losses of others.  They believe that if they could identify and get closer to these people they could share in their profits.  Who do they perceive as these entities?  They are the brokers, market makers, specialists, and traders who have more experience than the rest.  These expert traders are the ones that we are interested in.  Learning to make money in the stock market is not easy!  The traders who are prepared with the proper strategy and discipline make huge profits in the stock market!  We provide you with the essential knowledge and cutting edge strategies that are necessary for your success.

Why do traders fail?

The top reasons include:

  • Poor understanding and knowledge of the stock market.
  • Lack of reliable signals to enter a trade and later to exit.
  • Lack of patience and discipline.

We can provide you with the following tools to allow you to use volatility to your advantage and make money in rising and falling markets.

  • A unique, proven winning strategy that is easy to understand and use.
  • Clear signals for stocks to buy.
  • Clear signals to exit the positions that we previously recommended.

Without the proper tools and strategy, your chances of success are small. We will provide you with the guidance to transform you into a competent stock market trader whether you are a beginner or a more experienced trader.

To enter the battle and come away a winner you need:

  • Knowledge.
  • Proper tools.
  • The will to win!

We will show you a profitable strategy and give you everything you need to know to implement it successfully.

Discover a system that you can use now to generate profits in the stock market.  With our proven system you don't have to be a seasoned pro to make money in the market and you don't have to have a lot of money to get started!

During the past years we have been developing and refining a set of computer models that work.  Now they can work for you!  Our system is uncomplicated and works in any market - up or down!

It takes just minutes a day to follow our recommendations and put them to work for you.  It is a very simple process that you can follow and it doesn't require a large amount of money.

You can trade on the stock market from virtually anywhere!  Many people trade the market worldwide.  We live in a global economy and a global market.  The stock market is no different.  You can trade stocks in Canada, Israel, England, Brazil, Australia, etc.  All that's really required is a computer with an Internet connection.

Once you begin to use our recommendations you will have a major advantage over most people trying to make money in the stock market.   Each week there are many "newbies" entering the market.  Most of these people don't have a clue what they're doing.  Now you can take advantage of this marketplace for profit, in any market!


Your have probably seen and heard about stock charts.  What are they?  They could be considered an X-ray that reveals a lot about a stock that is not otherwise obvious.  Simply put, a chart is the record of a stock's price and volume data over time.  We use charts to reveal predictable cycles that many stocks follow.  Each of our stock recommendations comes with a 640 day chart.  We detect cycles and show you the expected influence on the stock price movement that these cycles are indicating.

Are you ready?

It's very simple. Using our stock market recommendations, you will know exactly when to enter and exactly when to exit a trade. You don't have to wait for years! You can start making money now! 30 days free trial!

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