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Sample Data for Stock 4 Today Members

This is the actual member's page that appeared 1/7/2009 (with descriptions added). Please keep in mind, however, that these examples show recommendations for that date. The information provided in these examples should not be considered current, nor should it be considered a reflection of our current market outlook.

Today's Recommendation

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This is the recommendation for the day. The upper portion of the chart is the price movement while the lower portion is the volume movement. The time period for this data is the previous 640 trading days. You will notice that for this stock we found 2 cycles, a 13 day and a 28 day. The "U" after the cycles indicates that they are at the upper range of the cycles.


Sell Short

Sell Short

Last Price: 8.65

(Sell Short) Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund, Inc. (CLM) operates as a closed-end, diversified management investment company. The fund primarily invests in equity securities of companies listed in the United States.  Its portfolio includes investments in financials, information technology, consumer discretionary, healthcare, industrials, materials, energy, consumer staples, telecommunication services, and utility sectors.

Today's Exit Recommendations

If there are any new exit recommendations they will be listed here as well as in the Most Recent Exit Recommendations below. A "new" exit recommendation is one that is issued today.

Most Recent Exit Recommendations

These are previous recommendations that are now recommended to be closed. They are shown here in case you did not check this page on the day that the exit recommendation was issued.

Symbol Name Exit Date Exit $
ARTC ARTHO CARE 12/29/2008 4.80
GFG Guaranty Financial Group Inc 12/23/2008 2.79
HSNI HSN Inc. 12/19/2008 5.57
CRYP CryptolLogic Inc. 12/16/2008 2.62
BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. 12/15/2008 1.30
SEB Seaboard Corp. 12/11/2008 940.00
EXM Excel Maritime Carriers Ltd. 12/10/2008 7.65
DIOD Diodes Inc. 12/10/2008 4.39
GNW Genworth Financial Inc. Cl A 12/10/2008 2.58

Current Holdings

Symbol Name Entry Date Entry $ Exit Date Exit $ % Current $ %
CLM Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc. (Sell Short) 1/6/2009 8.65       8.65 0.0
KOW KOWABUNGA! INC 1/5/2009 0.05       0.09 80.0
VNBC Vineyard National Bancorp 1/2/2009 0.16       0.25 56.3
VNBC Vineyard National Bancorp 12/31/2008 0.15       0.25 66.7
EPEX Edge Petroleum Corp. 12/30/2008 0.14       0.37 164.2
SAMB SUN AMERICAN BANCORP 12/30/2008 0.30       0.56 86.7
EPEX Edge Petroleum Corp. 12/29/2008 0.15       0.37 146.6
EPEX Edge Petroleum Corp. 12/26/2008 0.15       0.37 146.6
VNBC Vineyard National Bancorp 12/26/2008 0.18       0.25 38.9
VNBC Vineyard National Bancorp 12/24/2008 0.16       0.25 56.3
EPEXP Edge Petroleum Corp. Ser. A Cumulative C 12/23/2008 2.00       1.74 -13.0
ARTC ARTHO CARE 12/22/2008 4.52 12/29/2008 4.80 6.2    
MNI McClatchy Co. Cl A 12/19/2008 1.03       1.80 74.8
MNI McClatchy Co. Cl A 12/18/2008 1.05       1.80 71.4
FED FirstFed Financial Corp. 12/17/2008 1.50       2.88 92.0
ANL American Land Lease Inc. (Sell Short) 12/16/2008 12.47       13.67 -9.6
CRYP CryptolLogic Inc. 12/15/2008 2.51 12/16/2008 2.62 4.4    
GFG Guaranty Financial Group Inc.  12/15/2008 1.14 12/23/2008 2.79 144.7    
BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. 12/12/2008 1.45 12/15/2008 1.30 -10.3    
BEE Strategic Hotels & Resorts, Inc. 12/11/2008 1.26 12/15/2008 1.30 3.2    
FED FirstFed Financial Corp. 12/10/2008 2.71       2.88 6.3

This is a list of all the most recent daily recommendations. Some of them are still open positions and are recommended as "hold".  You will notice that there are also several closed issues included because they fall after the oldest position (open or closed) in this table. The percentage of gain or loss is shown as well.

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